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Welcome to FIT4MOM Brentwood!

FIT4MOM is the country's largest fitness program for moms offering pre and post-natal fitness classes for every stage of motherhood. Come see how we're helping to give moms the "STRENGTH FOR MOTHERHOOD!"

Fit4Mom is a new franchise here is Brentwood! We currently offer Stroller Strides for the pregnant or postpartum mama looking to stay fit while her kiddos are in their younger years.

Our Mission:

Fit4Mom helps moms make strides in fitness, motherhood and life.®

Our Values:

  • We will help moms achieve their ultimate potential, both physically and emotionally.
  • We will offer support and education for moms.
  • We will inspire moms to reach optimal health and well being.
  • We will inspire children to emulate their moms and make fitness a part of their lives.

Our Commitment to Community:

In addition to weekly playgroups, monthly Moms' Nights Out and family activities, Our Village Playgroups hold quarterly Moms on a Mission events. On a personal level, each playgroup educates, empowers and supports mothers on important issues facing our children and our families. We also give back to our community by raising money through different community events. Memberships to Our Village Playgroups are free!

Top 12 Reasons To Come To FIT4MOM Marin:

12. Because you CAN and your first class is FREE!!

11. For your sanity.

10. To see your fellow moms in the trenches with you.

9. To work towards putting your glutes back where they belong.

8. Because it's your "therapy".

7. To get out of the house!

6. To show the example of the importance of exercise to your child(ren).

5. Because it beats doing laundry!

4. To find your Village and discover that they all feel the same way you do!!!

3. To tighten the jiggle you may feel.

2. To justify the yummy latte you crave at 3pm.